Oh! That is just disgusting!!! Who ooon…. why would….how did….eeeeew!

thanks Vice!

If I am to progress in the same way as I have done so far, then then the likelihood of my French language skills improving to more than just quotes from H. de Balzac’s Le Pere Goriot is highly unlikely!

Néamoins elle est bonne femme au fond

Décidera de ce qui est plus horrible à voir, ou des coeurs deséchés, ou des crânes vides?

This is Titanic situation!

England south

Kizi loves the smell of a barbecue, mmm, and the sound of Fleet Foxes.

Tick tok tick tok…moving time is around less than month long corner and soon I will pack my 25kg full of nick nacks that I believe to be of some use, carefully selected on a scale of “OMG will I actually need this?!” and set of on a short journey to concur Pariiiizh!
Last time that happened, my 25kg was full of toys. Not this time-na-aaah!


What else is there to do but drink and sing in the land that sees very little sun indeed.
so that be said-and it is done; beautiful music is made, which is enjoyed the world over. This is balanced out well by a good dose of Little Chef food while watching old people ecstatically throw water bombs at each other. bliss during a sunset.

Back to dandies…
everyone has the right to look neat and well, however the want for this is slipping. The modern society does not always expect high standards of a well tied tie knot, or a tie at all as a matter of fact. Braces that match shirt/trouser colour is becoming a myth

Finding a continental lodging, is very difficult indeed. almost as difficult as, some may say, finding a real Dandy or a lady. Ones that were born with this certain talent rather than becoming quite fond of it while going through struggeling teenage years.

Even with globalisation, one finds it difficult to spot a characteristic 25sq m.

Bed time for our half of the planet

Engand, north

If you choose not to use a condom-fine!
but….learn to deal with the consequences, DO NOT make other innocent people suffer with the screaming mess, that never learn to balance or to look at where they’re going!

and no, i dont like your baby photos.


North is not full of check shirts, they’re still on the old stuff-pink t-shirts and short flower printed skirt-woop ?!

London, central

Anyone wearing a check shirt, stripes or pink shall know that they will be tortured on the spot by having hedgehogs shoved down their throat , while screaming: No I was not present at Lilly Allen’s last birthday party….


A sneeky Pret visit is a must, a croissant just to feel that bit more ‘continental’ while ignoring bank balances
A meeting with a new person, a rare event
Cheap chips, mm perhaps
Alot of alcohol in a daily attempt to drawn the non-escaping sarcasm
A habit of going to bed earlier will be attempted