England: North Chronicals of cavegirl searching for an adaptor

..exactly! that is EXCATLY how I feel. Like one of the lucky few homosepians who first walked this ground, which must have been hard and perhaps even unwelcoming. Dont know why I am here, where I am going, what I am here for and where the Ipod adaptor is, dammit!

Wrapped in a dodgy poly-something blanket (homosepians were lucky to have escaped such horrors), no make-up, yesterday I wore some (at that point being at least a day old). I have gotten wet under the rain again and again anad again, which seems to come in bite size chunks similar to that of MTV1 adverts.

The situation has improved however, I have swithced from family guy (to be frank I laughed out loud to myself a few times) to a more socially acceptable World Fashion Channel.

Totally not appreciating the camera work for mens s/s’09… 3/4 of the time the camera concentrates on going slowly from shoes to the model’s sholders. Where as anyone with more brain cells than an omeba knows that all eyes are upon the pretty model’s face..mmmm tooo true. Buyers, press even the staff…yeaaah i caught you looking!

Perhaps family guy is more soul pleasing.


Tomorrow one is off again

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