England: South (not for long)

Lo-Fi-FNk’s heartache with a strong base makes me wanna dance, like alot. bumpp bummmp…BUMMP!

whaaaaaats thaaat?!?! yeaaah woooo-hooo, yeaaah woo-hooo, there’s something in the aiiiir……digitalism, is what it is, DUUUhh! Now work on making heartache into a hot remix. do IT, now! Before evil shimvel Mr im-a-shit-hot-dj-who-can-get-into-any-stupid-twat-girl’s-pants gets his mits on it and mixes it with some shit ibiza crap, until every stupid 18 year old private school girl screaming “ooomiiiiigaaawwwwwd CIIInnnndeeey! I LOOOOVE this tune!”

Anger management, yea i’know. like-now!


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