oh and. 

i hate Gok. i watch gok and i listen to gok and i hate gok. and i cant stop watching gok
no gok-adding a black feathered boa will not make that shitty primark t-shirt look like a dior couture, and dont you encourage such actions in little teen girls. Why the hell should we believe that the quality of a £3 t-shirt is similar to that of, lets even say Joseph! It makes little teens settle for what they can get. life is not about that-its about striving for something, right Gok? oh no, you wouldnt care would you! Sigh
   *shake fist*
However i propose something else, something better me thinks. A show for men on how to dress! Think about it people, it can be like a total orgy of naked women, beer, hunting and footy…oh and style tips. Like old fashioned grooming and such! All of this while screaming fu***** c***s at a foreign cricket team. 
yea i see my vision coming to life, definitely
peace party people-go concur some airways or something

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