everything is explained, down to the finest details.

 When it comes to the beloved coffee machine, a friendly giant i recall from my childhood, all i get is ‘you know’

eeer news flash-no i dont know how to use a coffee machine.

My mother has managed to teach me every skill and lesson possibly required in life, but, never was i lucky enough to quench my first by making my own coffee machine beverage. already wasted 3 filters and tasted 5 coffees which looked white not only because of my inability but also due their fear of how i would next torture their blacky brown bean friends.

Tonight is my night off, i brew the machine without a filter in order to calm with a cup of green mint tea. boiled water comes out in a shade of dirty yellow as a call of revenge from the Arabia’s finest beans. They win i loose.

thanks to google for the picture, as i am not organised enough to take my own

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