Missing pages from my AA profile

le weekend…..

I caught myself saying:
“I really want some vodka, I haven’t had any for……2 days”
Dr Smith (AA consultant) on speed dial right now.
I miss The Sunday Times Style magazine, oh how I do. A more active participation in all things fashion also needs to be taken. It’s all need and want…sigh
-à bientot-

I believe I have begun a new chapter in my life, under the name of House Wife. Yes, with capitals, as that’s what it deserves.

  I feel grown up. I woke up at a time when metro is busy. I did my laundry (hanging it up wasn’t my strong point)
  Then a more successful trip to the banque, than the last 2. 
  Suivante I headed to the much loved/hated La Fayette. It was upsetting. You see I need some boots, and unfortunately the first ones I saw and loved were the 820Euro Gucci. Of course after that no french trash could even come near the special place in my brain that goes by the name of “My shoes”
  Thinking, and scheming  on how I can get the price down to, hmm I dunno 200 euro, peut-etre?! Staff discount-no, sale-no, a savings account I was’t aware of-no.
It sucks, this JUST sucks! I want them, everything else is shit! I will be a better human being if I have them, I need to have them. OMG!
  This house wife needs a rich husband. Cherche, cherche, cherche.
I bought groceries… I feel like a 58 year old. 

Im not cool.

But I wish I was cool. 

A Bowie, a little bitta Roisin Murphy, some Alice McCall, maybe Daphne Guiness, alotta Heidi and of course some Natalia V, some Erin Wasson and alotta Gisele, some Alice in Wonderland, a bitta Bobmo and Jens, good old Audrey Hepburn and some Samantha from Bewitched
I think then I would be cool.
Where have all the cool people gone…oooh where….answer me!

For all those girls out there who have Dima Bilan posters on their walls, and they prey that their parents will get them tickets to see him, and he will spot them in the audience and have illegal sex (due to the age limit-daaamn you!) and then you will have 2000 babies and LV handbags….

….he’s gay!
im evil to break this to you
get over it
go fancy Medvedev instead 

Baaack already!

Smelling of cherry shisha, I did feel a little bit uneducated while asking;
“sooo you guys, what’s actually in this?”
now i smell like a dodgy turkish tourist street, yey!
a pack of biscuits and ‘menthol’ tea later, I am happily in bed.
as promised I am planning an educated Saturday. Am getting rather excited about it. Need to dust off the camera,  im thinking coffee magazine and language practice.
Lovely, nothing better than a camera stuck together with masking tape, not old enough to be vintage not new enough to be cool in public.

love love love the shoe fetish

Paris: Le Marais

Get wasted, listen to music without a sound limit. I will be in charge they can fuck off!
talk bullshit, be warm, drink…drink….drink…drink…..
10am start tomorrow
weekend to be filled with culture…a constant goal of mine. art here, language there, a bit of sightseeing, food tasting, whatever
cant seem to get tickets for Amsterdam, is it a sign?! fuck signs
peace from the mother ship  

Things that make me say cunt

pipa-pipa (frogs that hatch babies in their backs) 
sack dresses
poly fabrics 
squash (the drink)
nail art
mean old people
bust speakers
baker boy caps
kitten heals 
bad socks
short forks
fast food
slow cars
bad parking
late trains
shit hot chocolate
batch photoshop jobs
dodgy sex games
lack of shoes
literature without a point
sweet popcorn

France; Rive Gauche

I hate being a follower.

I hate to admit it and all. 
But i am!

I check blogs, I check music and all the possible websites that may tell me about new music. 
I know when all the monthlies come out and which newspapers have the best supplements.
I check for new nights out daily. I make lists of “best” boutiques in every country, even those I will not/ wish not to visit. (Im not too sure if I make them because I have an unhealthy reliability on lists or because I want to visit the boutiques)
I love Apple
….Ive wanted the kindle for a year now! 
Steven Hawking’s made a new statement, I’m reading it
Pret has a new salad, Im eating it
There’s a new mascara, Im on the waiting list
I need to get out more get some friends perhaps…Im a sad sad individual 
Peace to ya, river people!