France; Rive Gauche

I hate being a follower.

I hate to admit it and all. 
But i am!

I check blogs, I check music and all the possible websites that may tell me about new music. 
I know when all the monthlies come out and which newspapers have the best supplements.
I check for new nights out daily. I make lists of “best” boutiques in every country, even those I will not/ wish not to visit. (Im not too sure if I make them because I have an unhealthy reliability on lists or because I want to visit the boutiques)
I love Apple
….Ive wanted the kindle for a year now! 
Steven Hawking’s made a new statement, I’m reading it
Pret has a new salad, Im eating it
There’s a new mascara, Im on the waiting list
I need to get out more get some friends perhaps…Im a sad sad individual 
Peace to ya, river people!

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