I believe I have begun a new chapter in my life, under the name of House Wife. Yes, with capitals, as that’s what it deserves.

  I feel grown up. I woke up at a time when metro is busy. I did my laundry (hanging it up wasn’t my strong point)
  Then a more successful trip to the banque, than the last 2. 
  Suivante I headed to the much loved/hated La Fayette. It was upsetting. You see I need some boots, and unfortunately the first ones I saw and loved were the 820Euro Gucci. Of course after that no french trash could even come near the special place in my brain that goes by the name of “My shoes”
  Thinking, and scheming  on how I can get the price down to, hmm I dunno 200 euro, peut-etre?! Staff discount-no, sale-no, a savings account I was’t aware of-no.
It sucks, this JUST sucks! I want them, everything else is shit! I will be a better human being if I have them, I need to have them. OMG!
  This house wife needs a rich husband. Cherche, cherche, cherche.
I bought groceries…..now I feel like a 58 year old. 

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