Oh yeaaa

no-one can mix it like you do
you stretch and scratch that disk so much
you bend the 12inch way beyond
lets see what you’ll be on by dawn!
enjoyed it, yea you did!

speed post

Last night…Faaake Bloood. Yea pretty good, but also funny how some DJs get competitive and push each other off the deks by having competitions of who gets the crowd to scream the loudest. Awesome!
 knees are killing, from resting against the stage for 4 hours in order to not be mushed into the glassed floor.
  2 hours sleep, some have commented on the green shade of my skin and the fact that glitter was all over my face while I was walking through the Louvre, without showering from the night before.

Stole something, am not proud. But hey-ho-lets-GO


Totally unfashionable

My brain could not take the shock of some horrors that I saw today while waiting for a metro (3mins)
1) ankle bracelet over tights on a woman of 50-esque
2) scary knee high man boots
3)addidas trousers and high heels, not impressive. 
A general note for the general public, do not attempt to do Metro Olympics, however great you may look while working out in your spare time. 
Apart from looking utterly embarrassing  you also ran a risk of falling into the gap between the platform and the train, while trying to beat the last world record for a long-jump.
peace out & watch your toes

je pense que Eric Kayser est ma vie…..

je ne suis pas fière de ce declaration, mais, c’est vrai! 
il va faire mon plus jour, chaque jour



hey hey hey

I brake my promises, sometimes.
Trying to decide which experience has been more horrific today.

a) Finding someone’s (unused) femi-dom in my own cupboard
b)Peeing in the dark
c)Getting my hair stuck to a wall
weird people sighted in paris today:
a man with bushy long hair (resembling a tangled sheep) who smelt like a dead cat
an old man screaming “je ne sais pas!!!”

my sightings will continue, the winner of “weirdest person in Paris” will receive… free publicity on my blog


Samedi j’ai retrouver avec une amie et nous sommes allées visité une marche de la mode.

Excepté du les chocolats gratuit et un DJ chaud a été marche betises!
hommes= oki
chocolates 🙂

A partir d’aujord’hui je dois ecris en francais.

Mal qualite, mais c’est une debut pour moi et mon objectif a Paris.
hier ont ete un jour merdique 😦 
je suis desolee pour mes erreurs, je suis une debutante  


Turns out Sundays in Paris can be fun and even, wait for it, spontaneous!
What started off as a lazy Starbucks coffee and a let down of a muffin turned into a fashion filled day out.

  Finding fashion fun in this city is like hunting for gold in, lets say in this instance-Jamaica. Although this is more effort it is also more fulfilling, as it gives me a strange sense of accomplishment, living in the fashion industry “accomplishment” is a strange word to use as everything tends to be based on looks and meaningless words.

  But…finding little bits and beautiful things in strange places at unexpected times is just divine. Where as in London it has become an endless competition for the non-existent gold fashion trophy. It is silly and tiring, competitive and impossible!