I wish I was a Polar Bear

On a more interesting note
new musical purchases made me happy, bank account-not happy.
 Alas bank account manager capture me if you dare.
Kitsune Maison 6
Colette compilation 9
very much on repeat now, not that it is of any interest to anyone that I decided to listen to the same song on repeat for 6 hours while I circled Paris
+You love her coz shes dead +
also tickling my taste buds
but am protective of CCastles, they are close to my heart
(Jeff Koons for ya; from my project research, as Im clearly so loving and romantic)
will need some digging which Im looking forward to do

Lagerfeld confidential for..EU is on its way

Walk through the deep corners of Le Marais was rather noise, but after 6pm on a Sunday there is only so much that can be done, so I shall return

As my 3 day long weekends seem to not be long enough, I am playing with the idea of extending them, to like 5 days

This is for you PartAaay people and Scenesters and all

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