-whos this?
-i was told to call you
-for a modeling job
-i wanna show you my goods
-you really do
-yes i wanna come in and just give it all, i wanna show you what im capable of
-oh excellent, brilliant fantastic, why dont you just come in i’ll give you the address, how tall are you?
-how tall are you?
-im about nearly 6 ft 1
-oh thats brilliant, have you ever done runway
-eeh runway is just all past me, let me tell you what i do. i soak myself in lamp oil and then i burn myself in front of the crowd 
-it works
-oh huney listen it works
-i dont if that will be appropriate
-oh its appropriate, people love it
-how many time, how many times have you…
-well i burnt myself several time ive only scarred about  face breast chest neck and head its not too bad but other than that i look just fine a little make-up conceal everything
-erm, let me just put you on hold

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