Project finished at 4am, at which point my Mac decided to shut down freeze and delete everything. And I’m talking about everything, the whole system including the hardware (my precious USB)
  I pondered on the problem for around about 3 seconds. Went to bed. 
  Woke up at 6.30 to find Mac happily smiling at me, that bastard! Everything was strangely recovered. Maybe I fell asleep and it was just a dream imagine by my brain full of coffee.
  I would like to thank the magical Mac pixies for their help, just in case that scenario did actually happen.
  On coffee and running late I made it through the day without any major dramas. Appart from letting out a screech of joy when Beau Brummell’s name was mentioned in a speech-what a name, what a man!

  Right now I feel like sleeping for 10 hours. Which will be impossible as tomorrow is another busy day. Therefore I politely declined a top up on my wine at a friend’s house and run home to warm my numb limbs.

I want black plimsoles! 
No weird man sightings today, a little unusual for his city

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