Appreciation must be shown for Jenifer Lopez and her first works. I have not caught a fever, just watching a shit music channel and remembered how awesome she was back in the day, and how she got me into dancing.
Screw you guys, I know you’re laughing at me, but who dances as well as her without touching up her own crotch. yeah, bite me!
Peace to you Jlo

lets just set the scene:
camera flash doesn’t work, and does not record sound if a video is being taken.
The battery also dies if more than 3 photos are taken.
I am far away from civilisation and my ipod and mobile have been stolen.
there’s just no way out. Im crawling out of my own skin and my mind is buzzing with ideas that can’t be released. aaaaaaargh!

a few quick notes…

I love Pharell Williams, everyone who is willing will hear about it. I have no idea why, totally not my style.
Another point, I dont watch that many music videos or films, but today I saw my beloved Williams in a remix with Madonna (I know I know, old news for the rest of you).
Jeez Louise, when will Madonna stop taking her clothes off? Arrrgh it offends all of my senses! 
And Pharell…news for you-how dare you, just how dare you do that? Remix all you want, but do not appear in her videos. Ahhhh you’re at the top of your game, why why why?
This is one messed up Christmas, I am rediscovering, actually, dusting off, my like for Nelly Furtado. Nooooooooooo NO need for lying- you like it, you do! After a couple of vodkas we all love her stupid bouncy tunes. the best thing is, they all sound the same so you can carry on miming for ages without looking like a knob, as it’s the same you guys!! Music is meant to connect people-in a drunk mess of idiotic dance moves

But I learnt how to do blood, it’s official-my aim in this life is achieved! I knew I could do it..I’d like to thank my possy of faithful gay friends and Numero magazine

I would like to show my love for kap bambino and crystal fighters, both of whom are on my targeted list of people to see asap.

the guy in the blue photo was SHIT 1/10 for trying, sunshine

Goji berry facts

No no no, I have not begun to document the benefits of berries, not yet anyway.
But a recent trip to good old Waitrose included a purchase of Goji berry juice. Well, how could I resist its Himalayan appeal and the antioxidants. Mother, however, thinks I am not such an intelligent person as according to her fact book Goji berry is called Barbariska in OUR country and that’s the stuff that I used to pick off the bushes and throw at other kids (go me with the violent childhood background!) Ive done my research and mother’s fact book is correct, it’s original name is Lycium Barbarum, so not far off.
  So Barbariska or Goji, I thank thee Mr Waitrose for selling the stuff that I used to violate in not such a distant past. I do not know what the point of this is really, but, yea, never doubt your mothers kids!

Where do elephants come from?

Im confused, so sure I was that the Hermes vetrine was based on Africa that I did not feel the need to double check my opinions. While explaining the sight to someone I pointed out the importance of the elephants:
“Yeas, yeaaas there are elephants there, everywhere. It’s all based on animals, very ethnic, very bling, the Arabs, they’d love it. Actually I do too, I wish I lived in Dubai for that matter”
  Today however I was educated by, which rightly tells me that it’s actually India, Hermes were thinking India, I was thinking Dubai, money, pack a suitcase…

france: paris

Positivity is still flowing out of my pores, no idea why as everything has been pretty dull and uninspiring.
Waiting for my luck to change. 
Now Question…
Why are all the Christmas magazine covers so dull?
Is it the financial crisis or have the editors received their bonuses and left for Panama?
I dont know, I hope the content will be better, as today is my reading day! 
So glasses out +  coffee, comfort