On a different note.

Excited as I may be about “Belle toute neu” (ie how to look good naked) I am not so thrilled about finding a clip of the american version where, they quote that the NY Times (or something like that, im not FACTUAL) has called it the greatest triumph of reality television.
This makes me mad. I think, jeez! 
However, thinking back to other reality TV shows we have:
-The beauty & the geek
-Big Brother
-Wife Swap
-Queer eye for the straight guy
and numerous other dating and style shows
WOOWzaaa, apparently reality TV shows are meant to be triumphant and educational!? isn’t that what REAL life is about. 
Yea, youre right, I just miss ANTM 😦 
Then again, Tyra and Obama made friends, I love her and her bitches, we all agree that she’s the real brain behind the States

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