Goji berry facts

No no no, I have not begun to document the benefits of berries, not yet anyway.
But a recent trip to good old Waitrose included a purchase of Goji berry juice. Well, how could I resist its Himalayan appeal and the antioxidants. Mother, however, thinks I am not such an intelligent person as according to her fact book Goji berry is called Barbariska in OUR country and that’s the stuff that I used to pick off the bushes and throw at other kids (go me with the violent childhood background!) Ive done my research and mother’s fact book is correct, it’s original name is Lycium Barbarum, so not far off.
  So Barbariska or Goji, I thank thee Mr Waitrose for selling the stuff that I used to violate in not such a distant past. I do not know what the point of this is really, but, yea, never doubt your mothers kids!

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