Mile high club

 My journey this evening introduced me to a new market group, if we get down to business terms here.
 It must be an emerging trend, and I gathered I am the chosen one to spread the word! 
 Mile high club has a niche!! Mile eurostar club! that’s right boys and girls, now to get your kicks you don’t need to spend moneys on plane tickets, all you need is a few spare bucks for the train! And why keep it to eurostar, why don’t you just jump on your local public transport provider and see what dirty tricks you can get up to on there! Go on! 
  I heard that the french are known for their friskiness, I lived in Pigalle, but this just pushed my buttons!
   That reminds me of another shivering experience; while in an internet club. (try to avoid those at all costs!!)
  This particular one  had skype and all the needed headsets for it, wonderful, what a great service you think! 
  I realised 5 minutes into my session that the man directly behind me was having phone sex with someone. Relieved as I was to find out that his talking was not directed at me, I was on a verge of being sick as I couldn’t help listening and couldn’t leave…I paid for the session, and got a free show! 
Loves it
ps: image from an old Style magazine

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