A letter to Tom…

Hello Dear,

I have never doubted your choices in life, or work matters really. I adore your new store in Milan, and I am eagerly waiting for you to open one in Paris, it makes sense, mais non?! I understand your point of men here lacking style, thats why they need your help-we all do, c’est vrai!
Moscou, Dubai, understandable, of course no surprises at all. Ah you are a darling for passing on your fine style to the less fortunate, I do admire you so.
…but, there has always been a dark and twisted though at the back of my mind… why are you gay….A man of such talent and poise, an expensive taste and good posture, eagle eye for  eye-ware. Lady and men, alike throw themselves at you, I am sure. Oh do the fashion bitches a favour and play the field..explore my dear 
‘we should self-harm a little bit, to be attractive, and beautiful’

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