Pushing myself to the limits on this monday night, even a post seems to be a rather big issue when one’s fingers/toes/limbs/body parts/organs are at a point of walking out on you to switch the light off and go to bed.
   Oh my oh my, I have not seen as many beautiful shoes worthy of 2010’s shoe calendar…well since looking to the opposite wall at the 2009 calendar. hahah…sorry delirious. Hot hot women wearing hot hot clothes in black black black black…..
 Blackberries, IBM laptops going off, chit chatting.

Selling your soul to fashion is a tricky decision to make. No time to text family/friends, not seeing daylight, coffee for a blood group, laundry being undone for weeks, maybe months coming to a point where garments have to be put into outfits of least likelihood of smelling. and anyway it must be one of the only jobs on earth which does not include working hours in the contract-there’s no start and no end-as Japan is in a different time zone, unlucky for us. The good side to this is the lack of bank appointments and any other appointments with organisations which are in normal peoples lives.
  I think my hair will soon look like that of a troll, clearly in time for next season-yey! always stay ahead of the rat pack
Schedule for this week thursday 2 parties, trade show friend on monday, DJ toys on saturday, drinks over the weekend with producers of sorts. 

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