Vice crew exterminated on Friday night, could blame that on Thursday night


Friday night’s rumbles, described as a “war” on the dance floor
No more camera
24hrs spent outside the same club + the same clothes for more than 48hrs
Total loss of unit count
“Cool” girl spotting
Hair cutting over a sink
3 broken locks and 2 broken doors, alot of money later+coffee, wine+croissant 
Laughing hippos 

I have made a key decision.
When things go shit, and the only way i can describe the situation is by using unnecessary words such as “shit” and “fucking” “cunt” it means I will go through every song on my hard drive soft drive, itunes, radio,  last fm, hype machine etc and try to make myself better.

Returning to habits which have not been revisited since the day one promised to “change”
Last pennies spent on alcohol and “original” thoughts
Some things never change and my nana predicted the future…I would love to prove her and me wrong, but not for now.
The cities sleep until Friday, rest and culture 
mixing & smashing: metronomy, dizzee, you love her coz she’s dead, xinobi, lamb, digitalism, bonobo, the presets, the knife, n.e.r.d,

Oh Kizzi, you’re so dark

Ever since I saw Alexa Chung DJ at some fashion do/don’t I begun to grew an internal hate for DJ who do not actually…well, DJ.

  Fun it is yes, but it makes it look so so lame (and I hate to use that word), it has long ago become the “cool” thing to do and manages to add many inches to a man’s private parts and even more to women’s chest area. 
  I would be blessed to one day learn this skill as my mother would finally rejoice with a feeling of pride.
  Ah, the wonders of music stretch way beyond the sound…enjoy

Need some fucking inspiration

Days on end without an ipod. 

This month’s magazine releases have been read, or more like flipped through.
The only thing that slightly tingled my senses was an article in Numero (100) on modern architecture and it’s importance on the image of a fashion brand, talking in particular about the last 10 years or so. 
  The development of our ideas and expectation of shopping have changed so drastically that it is difficult to imagine what can happen next.

the buyers are mentioning the same thing:
buy black
f ******** c****s
from this i guess that until 2009 we will be depressed and in black…not a fashionable kind of black but the ..there is nothing else BUT black and now everyone in grass roots is in black..fuck this

3 hours; 8 fags, a bottle of white and eye cream over make up.
doesn’t make sense now after an 11 hour shift..maybe 15, ive lost count of it all.