Now on a new quick-adventure for inspiration and cheap thrills.

Tomorrow travel…
But Danila is a new flame which caught my match. 
Who else but this Slave can look so much like he does not give a shit. Bravo sir, bravo

This time we’ll do better!
Start of  a new week and concrete decisions need to be made, life needs to be put in place and SHAaaaAped UP big style!
Coffee yes, music yes, more effort spent on thyself-yes yes yes.
Back to the normality of pushing through and ice cold stares together sweet sweet smiles…

I think Beth Ditto’s loosing weight.
 She’s been partying too hard with Alexa maybe? One too many soirees and suddenly you’re addicted to painkillers and adapt a diet of coke zero, dry pineapple and ash trays. 
Welcome to Paris I say

One hates people who simply explain in too much depth and talk around a subject. 
These types tend to be girls. And if not so it is even more dull..
I am missing trash American tv and driving in the outskirts in a rather large Cadillac. 
Fuck European mentality. The only this they have going for them is their dance moves.

So they take crack….

Financial crisis, or no financial crisis…gays are still living it up in Paris.
 Or outside as it seems..the travel agents are full in Marais, there’s no stoppping them.
  Glitter glowing, pill popping and all the thrills, it must be cropped shorts time soon..oh la la!