A bar/lounge/restaurant named, hmm lets say Y is well known for its high status and ability to attract a fashionable crowd. It is also famous for its strict bouncers and the Frankenstein-resembling owner.

  I was given the opportunity to drop by. Dropping by is the best way of describing the situation, after a bottle of rhum and vodka I nearly did just that with my friends. A good idea it definitely was, no doubt about it. But the situation came to a downfall when I was obliged to social graces through an introduction to one of Y’s director’s. I tested my skills of bullshitting and name dropping, while trying to discuss my employment position and its great great privileges, especially in these times of hype during the shows.


Blagging my way through this way was too easy I thought, until that is, I realised that I was closely observed not just by the director but also by other random types who later decided to somehow receive my details on a social site network.


What has this world come to? When did a free cigarette become a year of pointless messages to get you through a dumb door man and a smoking room which beats the club all together?


I disagree with the whole idea of carrying Michelin star food through the dance floor which is ruled by a DJ with hair of a Swedish maiden from 16century.



I will continue….





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