The big houses still impress, even though its all doom and gloom. I was seriously cheered up by womens PAP, something thats not always my scene. 
  However the changes in who-is-who have really hit home. It is no more about hollywood starlets or even divas.
  Jardin des Tuileriesis full of the most useless people, ie the bloggers. 
Here are these girls, who every 3 seconds refer back to Ebay and peoples blogs, while flicking through the latest shitty mags in order to know the faces of people who worked their asses off all life.
  All of this sometimes pays off by getting into a shit party at a shit ‘it’ club. 
  It all rather repetitive really and I am honestly missing the creativity in my life and the lives of others around me.
  It seems like there is so much shit to weed through that many people get lost in some coke filled toilets while the others take the lime light. And longevity is not anyones’ agenda.
I must name drop here, Pedro and Leigh…second row seats. Really. Wow. Really.
Grunt over.

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