Beautiful and Moody


There are still girls out there who struggle to eat grapefruits with a spoon, and end up rebelliously cutting into the flesh with their teeth as the juices run down their elbow and onto the floors.
They hide their tricks in an Hermes Bags.

 A benefit of the economic crisis is a sudden decrease to the amount of “home improvement” programmes. Lovely.
 As somebody who has not had a kitchen bigger than a shoe box since the age of 15, let alone matching cutlery or at times-toaster/oven it is nice to not have builder’s wives screaming in my face how much they  would like a sea-sized fish tank in their toilet. 

Is there a better place than Paris to be a teenager? 
Messy mornings, cultured afternoons, dinners with the family and dirty evenings.
No need for the beach. All you need is Paris, and maybe some alcohol.
fisherspooner-dance en France 
marco del horno-samurai (rusko)

So it’s all about occupying boredom now days.

A recent visit to le petit marche des enfants rouges with all its peonies in bloom, even under the grey rainy skies with the sweet smell of baklava in the air between the stalls has lead to a new stumbling discovery.
  Ofr. was displaying works by two photography artists who really caught my attention. Maybe because my camera has been lost and I am dreaming of the ways I would take those images and how I would capture what I am doing now. How unfair it is that the when I finally have time to reflect I cannot capture my own thought even in my head, let alone on film.
  The pictures played with light, and the artist emphasised how light can hide what we do not need to see. Profound.
Go explore, and let the city get under your skin, don’t try to intrude into its own by force. 
  And that all came to a fine finish in the circle of life of this weekend when I found out that IEKELIENE STANGEpresented an installation with VICTOR DE BIE, around the corner from where I use to live. Shame I missed it. I can imagine loving it with miss Cat and then having our own tea
images& reference:

Now this is no culture afternoon, but,
If you would be interested in the difference in cultures, here are a couple of pointers.
Music scene is eliminated even more to the teenagers, and will forbid you to put make-up on, or anything “civilised” in case you end up looking more grown up than you can get away with.
Electro and Nurave etc, what ever you may call busting beats mixed with whatever the new technological age will allow us to break and mould to a sound system.
Now the politics and culture in different countries puts a different spin on their news in order to brain wash the masses. In Paris, 3/4 of the news tend to concentrate on alimentation. Any news they can find, make-up or discover on food they will.
“lettuce IS green”
Hooorah the French will scream as they bite away on crispy lettuce and listen to Mr Oizo. 
New Kitsune Maison out soon…oki, Im a sucker for popular culture. I wonder why lettuce is green..
Shinichi Osawa-Star Guitar

There is nothing breezy about this.

But here:
Proxy: dance in the dark
Mystery Jets-diamonds in the dark (dusty cupboard mix)
Chew Lips-solo
Nil-je tourne en carre
Cut Copy-Saturdays
Duchess says-tenen non neu
low motion disco-love love love
yellow-magic orchestra

My life is becoming more and more surreal. 
Now I am listening to dub step at the same time as writing my business report for the most important client I’ve had to deal with, and wearing a 19th century corset under an XL £1 t-shirt. It’s 12.06 in the afternoon..I ate a chocolate bunny.
I feel like a fucked up Alice in Wonderland, Im sure she suffocated herself in restricting undergarments for no reason.
Next I aim to ride a bicycle in it.