Now this is no culture afternoon, but,
If you would be interested in the difference in cultures, here are a couple of pointers.
Music scene is eliminated even more to the teenagers, and will forbid you to put make-up on, or anything “civilised” in case you end up looking more grown up than you can get away with.
Electro and Nurave etc, what ever you may call busting beats mixed with whatever the new technological age will allow us to break and mould to a sound system.
Now the politics and culture in different countries puts a different spin on their news in order to brain wash the masses. In Paris, 3/4 of the news tend to concentrate on alimentation. Any news they can find, make-up or discover on food they will.
“lettuce IS green”
Hooorah the French will scream as they bite away on crispy lettuce and listen to Mr Oizo. 
New Kitsune Maison out soon…oki, Im a sucker for popular culture. I wonder why lettuce is green..
Shinichi Osawa-Star Guitar

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