I am trying, very very hard, to improve upon my current mess of Eastern alcohol, stolen Marbolosss… sosos (I have no clue how to spell that) and electro-trash-moshing, which at the time seems like a very sexy idea.
I will become a better person.




Chez Ponystep in Paris was not the big model boy field that was expected. Dominted only by 4 who were casually living up to the reputation of what guys who have chosen a model’s career “should” act like. They failed to change the stupid stereotype.

They were nice enough, but I was too busy watching the way one of them moved, rather than concentrating on their unsuccessful shit-chat. Trying to steal some dance moves for my time at the festival seemed like time better spent.

Lessons learned from boy models:

-Move sculpted biceps slowly, with the intention of decepting people around you into thinking that you actually like/know this song very very well. Basically imagine you composed the damn bass!
-Next, wear a majorly oversized tank top and get some tattoos to excentuate your hot biceps
-Now, the most exciting bit: accessorising. You may choose a bowler hat, (that looks really idiotic on ANYONE who wears it, including you, but you like-LOVE it). Or you may wear a cap and turn it backwards.

Life is one big fucking party of free drinks then. So I will try it.


ps, noted, the guy from the Teenagers (again) and Gareth Pugh who must have been on London party-time, and left at 3. It’s until the first metro HERE, daaahling! lol


Dinner ideas

What does a fashion student say when it sees a wood pigeon hatching eggs outside its window in a flower box?

“I hate birds! I’ll make an omelet out of it, I have nothing in the fridge, Im starving! “

Fucking pigeons…don’t try to look cute. I know your game


I’ll make you jalouse

Does Jalouse magazine not have a decent website?
Is France 2 years behind?
The fashion of having a shitty hairband a girl’s hair is finally reaching over the Atlantic ocean. Only took as long as it would take me to swim it.
So have am I meant to keep up my appearance of a fake French girl when I’ll leave, huh?!


better than

a) under cut
b) messy bun
c) plat
d) agnes dean 

image from (bla bla bla) alexander wang (style.com)

I am witnessing a transition of a brand. 
From a time when it was a mens’ dream,their ability to make a creatively revolutionary world go from something that can push boundaries of what one can achieve to something blank and uniform-a profit concept.
Yesterday at exactly 10.15am, it fell on me like a heavy suffocating nylon blanket on an august afternoon in Sahara. That although the ideas were (apparently) still at the core of the company, the goal was completely different. And the original masters have long long long time ago left the building. I hope for their sake that their souls have maintained intact with their spirits and their ideas are still in a volcano of hell-burning lava. 
The originality of this spirit makes me believe that however crazy dreams are, and although it’s still impossible to record an idea, a though, a feeling..in any medium. It can happen in 3D and it can change perceptions.
  It angers me to see “important” people refer to the original inaccessibility of the masters’ dreams being mentioned in the brand’s current context of profit making units.