I have finally been made to wear a white coat. 
I cant say me or people who know me (or know of my existence) did not see it coming, but, so soon?
The limitations this garment has on your agility is one problem. The fact that a starched shade of white is not my colour is what bothered  me even more. 
I kept throwing glances in the mirror bowl, which out of all deceiving images of self is probably in the highest rang of uselessness and deception.
After a delirious 6 hours something has been decided. The power of this frock is mind blowing. It makes you feel important, intelligent and very psychotic. Even normal tasks such as dialling a telephone number makes one look like a crazy scientist. Especially due to my small proportions n comparison to today’s garment of choice.
I highly recommend it though, try it, buy it, and see which daily tasks will make you giggle like a flea ridden super cheshire cat. 
kc; why all the planes above Paris lately?

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