Donut Brain

London is so depressive today that even during the clash of the imaginative titens they wouldn’t come up with anything to cheer up this city.

So, what we need, is cigarettes and alcohol.Or whatever else you can find. Lets face it, the last 2 days of 2009, everyone’s already forgotten about it. It’s now in the sin bin of other years.

Where the rational mind doesn’t work…the irrational one will. so get drunk and forget about the weather. Switch on some happy music, switch off facebook and tv. And just let it all go to hell!


WHO had the idea…

…to create a circus?

No but really?

WHO sat there and imagined a place where people have to wear silly sparkly costumes, own dangerous animals and stick knives in each other, as a way to entertain the children?

Their kids must have been bastard hard to impress.

Oh jee, and we forgot clowns, someone had the idea of a clown. WHY?

dear mr clown,

Is life really that bad, think about it?

Don’t you have a friend to talk to about your awful time as a child? Non? oki oki, then just walk into a posh shop and talk to one of the sales advisors. They may give you a weird look at first, but if you ignore that and last more than 6seconds without security dragging your ass outside. Then you’re in on the money, the nice blonde sales advisor will begin to symphosthise¬† with you and find alot in common. You may even get a date…

Yours sincerely,

ncc. 4 .

some resources for further reading, as we base our entries on long bibliograohies. mostly. sure. yeh. we do. yes.

for those who understand francais (around 40mins into the video):

What to do during Festive Holiday period when…

-you dont celebrate the ‘festives’ therefore no merry mood is felt. erm. at all.

-your friends are however dedicated Catholics/enjoying getting alot of presents/are obese/like their family members (wtf)/like the smell of pine or the smell of pine

-you are required to look over shareholders information for a slave trade organisation

-you are in a city full of tourists who like to step on your toes

-You’re from Asia

Either way, there are many reasons and we need solutions to improve this morbid situation…
a number of propositions will be tested over the next couple of days on silly little monkeys

Results will be recorder in some sort of scientific-ish manner