On a gray day like today you want to be a part of something bigger and more exciting.
To be somewhere where weather does not effect the way you look at things.

It’s gray, dark, miserable, cold and snow-raining. Pretty much like the rest of Europe also.

I think about culture. What is culture, where is culture what does it mean to different people.
While crossing one side of the city to another I see many faces all absorbed in their own lives. I search for a spark of interest, some motivation for the future. Seeing what can happen and how to make it happen, instead of reflecting on the past and going along with the out-dated systems currently in place.

Not enough time is taken to watch the world around us, as it’s turning.
Lets take what we know and make it better, right down from the core.
Who says that something that we are doing or following was created correctly maybe elements of thought our pigeon boxed minds need to be re-arranged to present new solutions.

But how?


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