Inspired: Electronic Beats Issue 4; 2009

I would be lying if I said I dont enjoy reading Electronic Beats magazine.

I have a number of favourite publications, blogs, papers and sites which I regularly visit for inspiration and information. This is one of such sources, and I dont want to tell people about it. I want it to be mine!

This way I can discuss all the topics that they mention and pretend like I knew about them all along!

dimitri hegemann 2 by um08.

(Dimitri Hegemann-founder of UFO club and Tresor clubs in Berlin)

Its probably once of only few magazines that I actually search for every month, religiously.

I love the interviews with amazing artists and the passion behind each story that the authors cover.

Always a pleasure.

And I make sure to read it from start to finish in around 2 days. Then I highlight the thing I want to look into further as they seem to always give me ideas for where to go or what to listen to.

This month’s cover picture by Portugese born Dorte Lange is a pretty psychedelic collage,the style of which I will attempt to copy…as an artistic compliment of course.

Another inspiration is Border Community’s Luke Abbott, check out the videos on his myspace!

Next is the good old Fairmont, also with Border Community (would love to see James Holden live on stage)


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