Party Posers

If only all of us could afford to hire a Mikey Mouse.
Or to even to one day come across our aunt Steph being drunk enough to wear Mikey’s costume to entertain our friends.
Thats why good parties are rare.



to solve a disorganised MESS

having 2 days to move your life from one country to the other is not always easy.
Followed by hunt through a 4 year wardrobe to decide what I will wear for the next 2 months, and everything must fir in a medium suitcase.
I will rebel against bothering to pick trends.
Back to black trousers (3 pairs)
T-shirt (too many)
Vest tops (too many)
3 skirts


…beautiful moody imagery,slightly dirty as it should be, from Vice collaboration between FR and USA (

boom booom boom:
fuck buttons, adam marshall, vladislav delay, mujuice, langenberg, stimming, gregor tresher, san soda, manuel tur….mmmmmmm LOVVEEEEE

Must suck to know that you will still be alive to se who takes your position, after you worked for 60 years, and they..for 6.

It is now border line serenity of slow electro beats, thanks to Stimming 
to balance out the frenzy of couture fashion week straight after one of the strongest mens fashion weeks I can recall.
Too tempting to ride on the wave of pop-up fame of random faces who comment on fashion, because…well, just because. Cute.
Sorry Poppet…haha. no im not.

Bunny Bisous
Charles Guislain.
Leave the adults to play in the adult business, get education, go on a year abroad. Live a little before a coke habit, I say