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Now, I dont know much about music…or copy right.

But deep down I hope that if we could all download music for free and if our world spun around a 12″ instead of a $…this world would be a big and beautiful, bountiful place.

Peace OUT.

Assa Ashuach

I cant remember on which blog i saw this, but I found this vase by Assa Ashuach really beautiful. Im always drawn towards textures and minimalism.I would stare at this vase alot if I had it in my house.

Check out the his site for more cool things like this.


During my visit to Belgium I had just enough time to pop into Palais des Beaux-Arts. The ‘Mexico!’ exhibition was much better than I expected, it included great pieces of art, sculpture and video.

I made a small list of some of the artists, unfortunately I had no time to write down the names of the films about post revolutionary Mexico.

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a big problem with me is that i like to look at – everything. this takes time, alot of time. I get started looking for a certain thing then i get side tracked and end up reading about the history of baboons in Malaysia, or something like that. Pondering, wasting time maybe.

If only I could earn cash looking at all this random stuff. Like an A to Z of randomness, that would be great.