lets call ourselves something great

New I.D mag, loves.

New Vogue Nippon loves
Starbucks loves
Smoothy loves
Tea in bowls loves
Imported gifts loves
Menswear over hates
Couture loves
Sings about heroin loves
Imagining tattoo designs loves
Wishes of being able to skate loves
Day dreams of escaping to a deserted
beach with friends booze and music loves
Getting lost in Tokyo loves
Buying an ipod loves
Having an assistant loves

Jethro seems to be pulling on the heart strings of all the right people and press. Hmm not sure if it’s another case of “daddy’s contacts”. Actually No, I am sure. oH well Hedi and Dazed have spoken…

Put fashion folk in a small room with clinical lighting. Have a constant supply of Coke Zero and Lavazza….welcome to the fashion world. You, my sir, are done!

Anne Slowey doesn’t even look like herself in Stylista.
What’s worse..is her entrance into the room and the first time “we” get to meet her.
Awful outfit, crawling in her heels, disgusting clashing jewellery and generally I would rather have a date with The Joker. 
  Horrific! And I love U.S Elle

Next on the list…

LCF masters students soon to be born into the world of getting a “real job”, well the 20% that will manage it after bleeding their nails through the “difficult financial forecast”

The beauty and uselessness of russia vogue has to be applaud it is getting better and better!

Look who showed up to down the free champagne here for their 10 year celebration
erm, Tyra producing Stylista….hellllloooo I did not know. Mmmm will be a treat to watch

Pushing myself to the limits on this monday night, even a post seems to be a rather big issue when one’s fingers/toes/limbs/body parts/organs are at a point of walking out on you to switch the light off and go to bed.
   Oh my oh my, I have not seen as many beautiful shoes worthy of 2010’s shoe calendar…well since looking to the opposite wall at the 2009 calendar. hahah…sorry delirious. Hot hot women wearing hot hot clothes in black black black black…..
 Blackberries, IBM laptops going off, chit chatting.

Selling your soul to fashion is a tricky decision to make. No time to text family/friends, not seeing daylight, coffee for a blood group, laundry being undone for weeks, maybe months coming to a point where garments have to be put into outfits of least likelihood of smelling. and anyway it must be one of the only jobs on earth which does not include working hours in the contract-there’s no start and no end-as Japan is in a different time zone, unlucky for us. The good side to this is the lack of bank appointments and any other appointments with organisations which are in normal peoples lives.
  I think my hair will soon look like that of a troll, clearly in time for next season-yey! always stay ahead of the rat pack
Schedule for this week thursday 2 parties, trade show friend on monday, DJ toys on saturday, drinks over the weekend with producers of sorts. 

  Work was a surreal place today. It all begun with model spotting on my way there. 
  It’s THE season, an equivalent of “the heat” or “mating” season in an tropical jungle. Correct, the 2 can be compared.
  The things (ie models) are used like hangers and then stabbed in the back with the ice-sharp descriptive words of a showroom worker-a day well passed, one might say.
   Behind the scenes everything is heating up, the time is running out the hours are getting shorter, people-less and less patient, lunch breaks shorter, whispers in the corridors are evident more often.
  May the fight begin!

Miss Pivovarova, lovely lovely!

The question is, what is “the” face of fashion now?long will this trends for “elf” faced models last. We have been enchanted by “elf”faced models since 2005, but what is NOW? 

My prediction is based on the trustworthy source of a fashion bible for anyone is is anyone (in my opinion)..teenvogue!
  The beautiful Chanel Iman, and you are a liar if you haven’t not noticed her name and its connection to her current profession (peut-etre it’s fait…or just classy parents who she should thank). Anyways, she was named one of the top 10 best dressed for the year, along with Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl) and other well chosen contenders who are not the drugged up rock stars pretending to sing along with their boyfriend’s bands.http://www.teenvogue.com/style/bestdressed/topten/december-top-ten-best-dressed?slide=10 

Pretty Pretty girl, I agree.

Ah, looking forward to mens fashion week! 
Which reminds me of this golden nugget; J.W Anderson, someone I am only ever glad to promote as one of my favourites. I am in lov
e with his hand-made scarfs and his values of menswear overall. 

Anderson achieved a breakthrough collection, that had aspects of commercially viability that is sure to please buyers and customers alike whilst catering for the editorial eye.

Robbie Spencer of Dazed Digital Published 16 September 2008

A MEGAstar in the making, watch this …………space


Another piece of vice-gold photography from their website

Stumbled upon a list of blogs supported by Muggler,  http://blogalaxy.thierrymugler.com/ wow, they are ahead of the game. Me thinks that more designers should publish blogs, just to add to the list of their daily tasks, or get the slave interns to do it! lol 
Tomorrow I will go Vicing! AHA-free drinks, the right combination of naughty yet cultural!